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Developing for Mobiles

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen mobile development become an increasing part of our work at ThoughtWorks. A habitual question is how to deal with the many kinds of mobile devices that are out there. Recently I published an infodeck on developing software for multiple mobile devices. This explores the dangers of a naive cross-platform approach, explores the trade-offs between multiple native apps versus a web app, and looks into hybrid approaches.

In a complementary article Giles Alexander writes about how to allocate effort across different platforms . He outlines two opening gambits – laser focuses on doing a single platform really well while cover-your-bases maximizes the number of platforms to aim at. He talks about the choice between these openings and how to build on them. Giles is also the maintainer of Calatrava – an open-source framework to assist building hybrid mobile applications.

Source: http://martinfowler.com/