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Product added

Progress Bar

Customization Options / Features

  • Unlimited Progress Bars on any pages and posts
  • Title – Title of the Progress Bar Element
  • Size – Size of your Progress Bar
  • Animated - True or False.
  • Color - Color of your Progress Bar

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[progress_bar title="Photoshop Skill" size="95" animated="true" color="#181c66"]

Photoshop Skill

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[progress_bar title="HTML5 Skill" size="80" animated="true" color="#e44c24"]

HTML5 Skill

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[progress_bar title="CSS3 Skill" size="90" animated="true" color="#026fb8"]

CSS3 Skill

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[progress_bar title="Unanimated Skill" size="95" animated="true" color="#6b346b"]

Unanimated Skill

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[progress_bar title="Theme Colored PB" size="40" animated="true" color="#00bff3"]

Theme Colored PB